Are Bioidentical hormones completely natural and why Atlanta has the best HRT programs in GA?

Bioidentical hormones

These hormones have a chemical structure that completely resembles the body’s naturally present hormones.

They are produced from plant phytoestrogens, making them safe to use and limiting side effects.

They can be completely matched at a molecular level with natural hormones.

Their use started in the 1930s to treat menopausal symptoms. They are also called “natural hormones”.

They are made in compounding pharmacies. They are produced by the suggestion of a doctor. The control on their standard is very less.

Insurance plans do not cover the cost.

Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in GA. It is home to one of the best health care institutes not only in GA but also in the states. Bioidentical hormone Atlanta GA provide effectively and carefully monitored bioidentical hormone therapies.


Are they natural?

Bioidentical hormones are produced from soy and yams.

Their resembling property enables them to get metabolized easily. They are bioengineered so they contain the right amount of hormone (testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone).

These properties make them safe to use.

But there is no proper evidence supporting that they are completely natural.

They are processed in a laboratory. There is a widely accepted myth that they are completely natural.

Moreover, not all things derived from nature are healthy, for example, tobacco. The myth is only created to sell products and make them acceptable in the eyes of patients.

Every medicine has a side effect and also there is no proper research claiming that they are more effective than non-bioidentical ones.

Compounding pharmacies produce them by mixing multiple kinds of estrogens together with other ingredients.

These individual ingredients are controlled and checked by FDA, but the product formed is not.

The blood tests for checking the requirement of estrogen are not 100% reliable because amounts of these blood hormone levels vary a lot at different times.

The therapy needs to be monitored regularly. FDA prescribes to start with the minimum dosage.

Side effects

  • The most commonly observed side effects are fluid retention in the body and mood swings.
  • Estrogen-related side effects are increased breast and uterine cancer risk, melasma, gallbladder problems, and vaginal infections

Estradiol is a type of estrogen. It is only recommended for a short period of time due to adverse side effects.

  • Estradiol-related side effects are breast pain, vaginal bleeding, cramps, and bloating.
  • On the contrary, progesterone has lesser side effects but still, sometimes it shows constipation and cramps.

Progesterone’s structural formula


Bioidentical hormone therapy is usually much costly than other HRTs due to the marketing term “bioidentical” associated with it.

When do Bioidentical hormones show results?

Bioidentical hormones by Bubolo Medical resemble natural hormones in their chemical nature that’s why they can be metabolized easily. They show their complete effects slowly.

At first, some initial effects will start appearing in a few weeks and it will take about 4 months to show a significant improvement.

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