What to Think about for Choosing an E-Liquid

You have jumped on the vaping bandwagon and have the perfect starter kit, but now it is time to choose the right e-liquid and this can get a bit tricky because there is a huge variety to choose from. Most people don’t know how to choose an e-liquid and it is perfectly normal if you fall in the same category. But, there are a couple of things that you need to think about in order to make the right choice.

Selecting a Flavor

First off, you need to think about the flavor of the e-liquid because if you don’t like it, the e-juice will just go to waste. These days, you can find e-liquids in almost every flavor imaginable, which include a range of fruity flavors, popular foods, desert flavors, tobacco blends and alcohol-inspired flavors as well. When you are choosing for the first time, opt for a Supergood e liquid in the flavor you think you will like and then you can get more adventurous.

Nicotine Strength

Selecting the right nicotine strength also depends on a couple of factors. It is necessary to get the right strength because if it is too weak, you will over vape and too much will cause a headache. Go with a medium strength and make adjustments accordingly. If you don’t want nicotine, you can find options that have 0% nicotine.

PG and VG- Understand it

E-liquids comprise of PG (Propylene glycerol) and VG (Vegetable glycerol). Having more PG means a better flavor yet weaker vapor and more VG means a bit sweeter and mute taste, but lots of vapor. You can find e-liquids that are all PG, all VG or a combination of the two. You can go with a combination and then make adjustments as you develop a taste for it.Here are some latest products in the vape industry that you should check out.

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