Does Delta 8 Have CBD In It?

Delta 8 and CBD are extremely similar cannabinoids. So much so that many new users often wonder if delta 8 contains some amount of CBD.

With that in mind, let’s dive into exactly what delta 8 is made up of, and learn whether or not CBD is part of that formula.

Does Delta 8 Have CBD In It?

Delta 8 does not contain any CBD. It exists alongside CBD as its own unique, 100 percent natural cannabinoid. Both are produced in the flower of hemp and cannabis plants, and both are contained in popular products and used for a variety of applications.

But they are distinct and standalone compounds, and they each have their own list of strengths and weaknesses. Let’s briefly compare the two:

Delta 8 is a type of THC, similar to the active ingredient in cannabis, delta 9. It typically offers a set of uplifting and relaxing effects.

It is also psychoactive and intoxicating — although it provides more gentle sensations than delta 9. This means delta 8 will tend to deliver a mild buzz, while usually keeping you alert and coherent throughout the experience.

CBD, by contrast, is non-intoxicating and only slightly psychoactive. Its effects are usually associated with calming and soothing body sensations that are extremely subtle. CBD is also by far the least potent of the three cannabinoids mentioned here. Delta 8 sits somewhere in the middle — more gentle than delta 9, but significantly stronger than CBD.

Many users like to regularly pair these cannabinoids in order to enjoy the full spectrum of the combined profile. The two possess a natural synergy that is thought to help enhance the resulting experience. This means that, while delta 8 does not contain CBD, a delta 8 product might.

Delta 8 Became Popular in 2018

Another reason people so regularly confuse delta 8 and CBD is due to the relative newness of this THC. Delta 8 became federally legal in 2018 with the passage of the landmark Farm Bill, and it has been steadily growing in popularity ever since.

In fact, delta 8 has been the fastest-growing cannabinoid product for the past two years — and it is easy to see why. People love its balanced effects and the fact that it is easy to function while enjoying the sensations. Similarly, delta 8 is available in a huge number of states where cannabis is still banned. This means users who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access THC still have an affordable and powerful alternative.

Although the research on delta 8 and the cannabinoid family is still rather limited, a huge number of users report taking these compounds and seeing the real benefits. These users report delta 8 can help with sleep, mood, energy levels, and much, much more.

Meanwhile, CBD is reported to be used for soothing the body and mind. Its light profile fits all hours of the day, and it can be easily added to drinks and beverages.

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