Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees on Understanding Modern Health Insurance: Fines and Types

Health insurance is both incredibly important and rather confusing for those that live in the United States. The passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 made it so that health insurance is now mandatory, which means that you should be looking at your insurance options if you are not already covered. To help you get a clearer picture of what you need to do, Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees shares an overview of the penalties for not being insured, along with some simple explanations of the most common health insurance plan types:


It’s important to understand the consequences that will ensue if you fail to get insured. The primary penalty is a fine, but not everyone will receive the same fine. There are two separate criteria that will be examined and you will be forced to pay whichever is higher.

  • You can be fined for 2.5% of your entire household’s income. However, this does have a cap, so it won’t rise up forever. That cap is the national average price of a Bronze plan, which is around $2500 per individual or $12000 per household that has more than five members.
  • You can be fined $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, with a maximum total cap of $2085.

This ultimately means that you will need to pay a pretty hefty fee if you don’t have health insurance. At the bare minimum, you will be paying $695 per year, but that will rise dramatically if you have other members of your household or if you make over $27800 per year (which is when 2.5% of your income is equal to $695).

On its own, this may not cost you more than getting health insurance, but a single visit to the doctor’s without insurance could change that completely. It’s almost always going to be cheaper to get insurance in the new system than to pay for emergency medical care.


There are an awful lot of types of health insurance and acronyms floating around, but some are much more important than others. Here are three of the most important:

  • HMO – Health maintenance organizations allow you to pick a single doctor for primary care. Whenever you need to get medical attention, you should see that doctor, who will then refer you to a specialist if you need further treatment that they cannot provide. This will give you the least freedom, but it can also be the best choice if you find a primary provider that you trust, since it’s often cheaper to get an HMO plan than other options.
  • PPO – Preferred provider organizations give you the most freedom, allowing you to visit just about any provider that you want. However, you will need to pay extra if you are getting service from a provider that is outside the network.
  • EPO – Exclusive provider organizations require that you stay within a single network to get medical treatment. You can get medical attention from anyone in that network, but you cannot get help from outside the network. EPO plans will give you a decent middle ground between the other two options, allowing you some of the freedom of a PPO along with the relatively low cost of an HMO.

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Through spreading their apparel, the Affordable Healthcare 123 team is dedicated to making healthcare affordable to every American.

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