Two types of components are usually used in breast implants that are used during a breast augmentation intervention: ultra-silicone gel and saline solution. Below we will explain what the particularities of each type of breast implant are and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Types of breast implants: saline This type of breast implant became very fashionable because in case of breakage, its content can be reabsorbed by the body and does not cause any complication or adverse effect. However, this type of implant also has many detractors because many claim that over time they lose their content and that the rippling effect may appear, that is, the ripples of the prosthesis are evident through the skin. Ultra-cohesive silicone gel breast implants This type of implant was launched on the market with the aim of guaranteeing maximum quality and offering total safety in case of breakage. The gel with which this type of breast implant is composed has been a breakthrough in the world of breast augmentation and has inaugurated a new era. The gel incorporated in the new breast implants has been treated to ensure maximum safety in case of breakage. With the ultra-cohesive gel, a new stage in breast augmentation interventions is inaugurated. The ultra-cohesive gel prostheses have such consistency that, even if they broke, the gel would not pass into the body. Despite being so resistant, they can be very natural to the touch and sight. Also, in case of breakage or the need for a new intervention of breast augmentation, favor intervention, since they have a quick and easy replacement, reducing the side effects and complications of a second intervention of breast reconstruction. Round or anatomical breast implants? In addition to choosing the composition of the different types of breast implants that exist today, we must also choose the form. Currently there are two types of prostheses: anatomical and round.

  • The anatomical prosthesesare molded more to the shape of a natural breast. Moreover, at first they were designed to assimilate as much as possible to a real breast, because they were thought for women who had to undergo a mastectomy. If you are looking for a natural result and you have hardly any breast, the ultra-cohesive gel anatomical prosthesis is your best option.
  • On the other hand, round prosthesesare the most traditional and used. This type of breast implant is suitable for all women who already have some mammary gland.

There are plenty of prosthesis models, more than 400 types, to achieve the best result in terms of volume, consistency and projection. In this way, you can get an absolutely personalized breast and suitable to your preferences.

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