Getting Tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When it comes to your health, it is important that every precaution is taken to keep diseases away. This also includes having sex. Being abstinent really is the only real way to keep from getting a sexually transmitted disease, but some people refuse to practice this method. Condoms and other forms can work to a point but sometimes even they are not as effective. What if you happen to get a box of defective condoms and don’t know it? Should you decide to have spontaneous sex on a whim without protection or just be reckless about it, you are a sure candidate for testing. There are ways of doing this without being judged about it.

What Are Some of the Ways to Get Tested?

You can go to a clinic that tests strictly for STDs and remain anonymous if you are just having your blood drawn for syphilis and HIV. For other tests, you would have to give your name, but things are kept private between you and your doctor. This is because of HIPPA laws. They will give you any medication you might need or send you to a clinic that will take care of that. Another popular way to get tested is to send in a request for an STD testing kit. You can use this in the privacy of your own home and send back the results through the mail. If it turns out that you are positive, you will be contacted for further instructions on what to do next. These tests can be done for both men and women. There is also an hpv test for men. Women are not the only ones that can get this virus. Just so you know all forms of testing are usually safe. You definitely owe it to yourself to get tested. Don’t let that disease stay in your body. Get tested today.

Why Should I Get Tested?

You should get tested if you suspect that the person you were with has not been faithful and has put you at risk of getting an std. Everyone should also get tested if they are always engaging in casual sex with any random person. It is dangerous to walk around carrying a disease that will end up destroying vital organs and even kill you because of your promiscuous behavior. Getting tested ensures that everything is ok. However, if you have contracted a disease that penicillin and pills can cure, then you would need to abstain from sexual contact in order to get better. In cases of herpes and HIV, taking medicines that will help keep your T-cell count up and have fewer outbreaks is the best option. There is no cure right now for either one of these and that is what makes having sex so scary. Also, you have to deal with people who are carrying these diseases, refusing to say a word to about it and don’t really care about infecting you. People can be that mean.

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