Which doctor to see if my child is hyperactive?

Diagnosing ADHD is not easy, here are your allies.

The general practitioner

He is often the one who knows your family best, so he is on the front line. He can either self prescription treatment and follow-up, or refer you to a more specialized doctor.

The neuropediatrician

He specializes in neurological diseases of the child. He will practice an examination to look for specific signs of ADHD and may also look for other diseases such as epilepsy that can sometimes be associated with ADHD.

The psychologist

Psychological care is often prescribed by the child psychiatrist or pediatrician. The psychologist is not a doctor so he can not prescribe medication. It is he who will practice different psychometric evaluations such as intelligence or personality tests. It also implements both psychoanalytic and behavioral psychotherapies.

The child psychiatrist

He specializes in psychological disorders and neuro-developmental problems of the child. At the first consultation, he will always receive you with your child to identify family-related hyperactivity. He can then prescribe a drug treatment.


He specializes in oral and written language disorders. He is the one who will do the orthophonic assessment if we suspect a language disorder such as dyslexia or learning problems. If the speech consultations are prescribed by a doctor, they are reimbursed by social security.

The psychomotor

He is specialized in the motor and psychological development of the child. He will first make an assessment to assess the difficulties of the child and then offer appropriate care. The psychomotor therapist receives in individual or collective session about once a week.


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